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LinguaMia - International Institue of Italian
Welcome! Aforisma goethe: school to learn italian language in italy

Welcome to Italy, Marche, and to LinguaMia - International Institute of Italian.

LinguaMia is an italian language school located in Italy and operating since 1998. We offer lessons and courses to foreign students willing to learn Italian in italy and to fully live the most typical aspects of the Italian culture.

Many students around the world told us they had been fascinated by the harmonious, melodic sound of the Italian language in music, opera, or movies. Some of them have Italian origins, some others just deemed to speak italian to be useful for their daily life or business. Other students were attracted by the idea of discovering by themselves why Italy and the Italian culture are considered at the top in the world since the times of Romans...

Our mission is to arrange for our students the best learning experience possible in Italy. Our school differentiates itself from the others for the successful italian teaching method and, more importantly, the cultural environment embracing the italian language courses. Indeed, we believe that students coming from all over the world should take the chance to be in italy not only to learn how to speak italian by attending lessons and courses, but also for travelling and experiencing the true italian life.

We at LinguaMia are able to provide you a full immersion in the typical life style of italy, thanks to an experienced educational path consisting of lessons, but also (for those interested) trips, naturalistic excursions, visits to cities renowned for their artistic beauty and to the most relevant museums, travels and tours even dedicated to wine and local food tasting. Trips and visits are offered and organized by a professional tour operator collaborating tightly with our institute.

On the top red navigation bar, you find all the information you concretly need to understand what courses we offer (group classes, individual lessons and monographic courses), the services (accomodation, trips and tours, regional food and wine) and our prices.

On the left green navigation bar, you find an overview of our institute and our territory with a photo gallery. Welcome and enjoy our website!

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