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LinguaMia>Why studying at LinguaMia

The experience of learning italian in Italy

Most schools of Italian offer only classes to foreign students. We consider learning Italian as the main goal for you and we have developed our teaching method bearing that in mind.
But, we believe that’s not enough. We believe that learning the language is a fantastic opportunity for experiencing the Italian life and travelling at the same time.

Some of our students were born abroad, but with italian origins. Their desire is to discover their roots and experience the life of their relatives. For them and for the rest of our studens, we offer different experiences and one goal: learn Italian and the culture of our country.

According to your preferences and on your request, we will arrange for you the best possible staying in the country, from your arrival to your departure.

In order to fully meet your expectations, after the daily high quality study session dedicated to learning Italian language, for those students willing to have some more, we will organize trips, naturalistic excursions, visits to cities renowned for their artistic beauty and to the most relevant museums, travels, tours dedicated to wine and local food tasting: a total experience that will inevitably touch most your senses.......

  1. Taste: the fresh handmade pasta prepared upne the traditional recipes;
  2. Smell: the flavors of the countryside and
    the fresh air of the blue sea of Riviera del Conero;
  3. See: the beautiful art masterpieces and the ancient cities that make Italy one of the
    most visited places in the world, since thousands of years;  
  4. Hear: discover the intense sound of the Italian opera and music...

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