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Our Italian culture

Before being involved in LinguaMia, we have all been students, who left Italy to travell abroad to learn other languages (English, Spanish, French...).
From our experience, we got an understanding of how a language class should be organized and what should ideally integrate lessons in terms of trips, Italian cultural and group activities. We started the LinguaMia cultural institute with the idea of providing our students with the same environment and cultural atmosphere.

Evolving from the status of students to that of teachers, in the last years, we have achieved a high level of expertise in dealing with groups coming to Italy from various countries. We consider ourselves lucky to be working at LinguaMia as we believe that dealing with foreign people and culture is very stimulating and funny at the same time. This is why we do our best to make our students happy everyday.

Our culture is based on humble hospitality, care and professionalism in teaching. Our method is extremely efficient and has always aroused strong curiosity and interest among our students.

italian culture


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