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Our offer

The LinguaMia Institute is opened all year. Our courses are accurately structured to allow each student to maximize his/her experience during the staying period, from winter to summer.

In order to guarantee a high level of quality at affordable prices, group classes are offered to a a minimum of 7 students for a minimum of 1 week staying. We also offer one-to-one lessons for those requiring in a shorter stay or not interested in group classes. Our offer is completed by the monographic courses: lessons offered only to groups about specific topics (i.e. art, music, poems, business, italian letterature, etc.).

Once you have read through our site, you can either involve your teacher of italian and / or other classmates and contact us, or, if you cannot find others interested, let us know and we will try to create for you a class with other students according to anyone exigencies (dates, prices, level of lessons, and other).
Here are some of the reasons for attending one of our courses: 

  1. Choose and reach your goal: the course structure is agreed with you on the basis of your personal objectives. The course difficulty will be tailored to your knowledge, which will be thoroughly evaluated by our teachers before your assignment to a class. After the lessons, you have the chance to join our after study activities, offered by a third party tour operator, which will allow you to acquire a better knowledge of the Italian tongue through real life experience. At the end of the course a final interview session with your teacher will allow you to discuss point by point the progresses made and to analyze the objectives reached. The final session is the right moment to measure your ability and to ask your teacher all possible solutions to improve your knowledge of the Italian language.
  2. Not only Italian lessons, but also a deep immersion in the Italian culture: we strongly believe in a school which is able to teach Italian, but also able to integrate the learning environment through activities selected by a single student and/or group according to their interests. We recommend exploring what our territory can offer such as art, historical cities, nature, traditional events and farm holidays that are available all the year.
  3. Start when you prefer: The institute is happy to accept groups of students in any part of the year. There are no deadlines, but it is advisable to contact the institute about two months before the arrival. Teaching material is provided by the institute and included in the tuition fees. If you have particular exigencies, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to meet your needs.
  4. Courses only in the morning: Italian group classes start at 9:00 am and ends at 13.00am; usually a break is given during the lessons. Exception made for intensive courses, the afternoon is available for extra school activities. You only have to choose what you like most!
  5. Live in touch with nature: we recommend to our students a selection of available accomodations of high quality. You can choose among different solutions according to your needs: Elegant accommodation in hotels immersed in the beautiful hills of Marche with all standard comforts (swimming pool, relax zone etc), or as an alternative the Agriturismo which represents the local family business solution. All structures presented on our website have been thoroughly selected by the institute and are located in the countryside with splendid landscapes: ideal place for people loving nature, relax and Italian cuisine. The student is free to choose one of the accomodation we recommend or to find the best solution personally. In case of groups of students, transfers related to the morning study session and the afternoon activities from/to the school are granted by the Institute.

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