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People are what make an experience unique.  
A course at the International Institute of Italian is an experience of learning, but as well of life, something to remember with pleasure in time. Bearing that in mind, we try to select teachers who are able to create in class a dynamic environment, rich and interacting.

The most important pre-requisite for our teachers is Italian mother tongue:  living in Italy means learning from Italians.
The second request for our teachers is being graduated, not mandatory in language or literature. We deem indeed that teachers with the most different backgrounds are those able to create an environment rich of contents.
The third request for our teachers is the ability and skill of communication with the students. To this extent, we select teachers who has in their cv at least one significant experience abroad or in foreign universities.
Here are some of the teachers you will find at LinguaMia.

Eleonora Cimarelli
Eleonora is 32 years old and she has a natural inclination for the classical culture.
After graduating with hons in classical literature, she attended the teaching school ”Interuniversitaria di specializzazione all’insegnamento (SSIS)” and also participated to excavations activities for the institute of archaeology of the University of Macerata. Eleonora has also attended professional courses for the development of tourism sponsored by the Marche council. She spent part of her life in Spain (Seviglia) and experienced teaching in local schools, working also as a guide for groups of students.

Valentino Carbini
Valentino is a young teacher (born in ‘80) and shows a CV entirely dedicated to the Italian literature. Indeed, he graduated at the University of Macerta in modern literature and since 1999, he teaches privately literature, latin and history. Among his passions, music and writing are at top: to this extent, Valentino enjoys also teaching electric basso at a music school and he is also an author of poems. Some of its creations have been recently published.

Maria Gabriella Gaetti
Maria is the classical, truly Italian teacher. She was born in 1949 and since that she dedicated most of her life to teaching. She got graduated in pedagogy at Università di Roma with hons and from then on she was involved in her passion: teaching Italian.

Giulia Carmelina Marrapodi
Giulia is our representative of the world. It’s not very easy to find so many international experiences in just one person. Giulia was born in Zambia in 1964. She graduated in Arts in Natal and then she got the several diploma in pianoforte and music concerts in London where she taught music at Trinity college. Giulia is both English and Italian mother tongue, but also speaks perfectly French. As a language teacher she worked in Italy, USA, France and South Africa.

Marco Rossini
Marco is 32 years old. He graduated in Economics and after having experienced a professional life in Sales and Marketing he is nowadays a teacher of management at Ancona University.  Marco also worked for an English institute where he was responsible for relationship with students. Marco also enjoys being a teacher of classical guitar.


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