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Single Student

Basically we offer two different type of packages: (i) only lessons of Italian (individual or in group) and (ii) lessons of italian plus tours, trips and cultural experiences in the afternoon.
Due to the eventual organization of tours and trips (if requested), some of our courses are designed for groups of minimum 7 people.

If you are a single student and you are looking only for lessons of Italian in Italy, contact us and we will arrange to you an ideal course.
Otherwise, if you are interested in a full package, you have two choices:

  • try to contact other students of your Italian class abroad, form your group and contact us so that we can design a package especially for you; otherwise,
  • apply for one of our packages and we will, subject to availability, include you in an existing class according to your single exigencies.
Usually we accept only students older than 18 years (major age in Italy is 18) but if an adult is with you and/or is delegated by your parents, the school will accept your application.

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