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Terms & Conditions

1. Execution of the contract

Courses and programs described in our website LinguaMia are merely indicative and do not qualify as a contractual proposal. The participation to the courses is subject to availability, therefore participants are required to verify courses availability by contacting the LinguaMia Institute and indicating which program they would like to apply for. Once courses availability is confirmed, Participants will be able to sign an Application Form which qualifies as a binding contractual obligation for the participant only once the advance payment has been executed (see Payment Method). The mere acceptance of the Application Form does not constitute a binding obligation for LinguaMia which reserves the right to accept it only upon verification of class availability. In case of non acceptance of the Application Form, LinguaMia will refund within 30 days from the communication of the denial any sum received. The contract is considered valid and binding following the acceptance by LinguaMia of the Application Form and the acceptance by the participants of the general terms and conditions of the contract.

2. Purpose of the contract

The obligations arising from the contract are exclusively related to Italian language classes. It is herewith excluded any involvement of the Institute in other services such as travels and accommodation, which organization remains in charge of the Participant.

3. Applicable Law

Applicable law of the contract will be the Italian Law. The court of Ancona shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising out of or in connection with the contract.

4. Prices

Prices proposed on the website LinguaMia are indicative and are applicable to groups of minimum 8 participants. In case such minimum threshold cannot be reached by the Participants, the Participants can contact the Institute for a preliminary personalized offer based on the number of students. The participant acknowledges that prices are subject to changes, especially in case of modification of the number of participants.

5. Obligations of the Institute

The company commits itself to provide exclusively the services which are clearly indicated on the website and that will be confirmed in the Application Form, namely: i) Italian language courses held by mother tongue teachers; and ii) free of charge study material which will be the reference point for the lessons. Excursions, trips, accommodation, transportation and other services, if requested by the Participants, will be provided by third parties, given that the Institute is not involved in any of these complementary activities.

6. Obligations of Participants

Participants are responsible for the validity of their passports and/or ID cards on the Italian territory and for the requirement of visas by the Italian legislation. The participants formally states the acknowledgment of all necessary information needed for the staying in Italy and that they will personally care for subscribing an insurance policy in order to have granted the access to the National Health services. In order to assure a pleasant staying for all people enrolling to our school, we require participants to conform to a respectful behavior inspired to prudence and diligence and to strictly adhere to the laws of the Italian state. In case of breach of these fundamental rules, the Institute reserves the right to revoke its services to the incriminated participant at his own expenses, and ask for the reimbursement of the damages suffered. In case the participant will be prevented to attend regular classes because of bad conduct the residual part of the service not offered will not be reimbursed.

7. Payment Method

Following the acceptance of the Application Form by the Institute, Participants commit to pay 25% of the total price as advance payment. Any refund will occur within 30 days from formal communication by the Institute. The difference between the total price and the advance must be paid at least 30 days before the arrival of Participants at the Institute. In case we receive the Application Form within a term which is lower than 30 days from the start date of the courses, the 100% of the total price of the course must be paid upon acceptance by the Institute of the Application Form.

8. Termination of the contract

Participants have the right to terminate the agreement within 10 days from signing of Application Form without any penalty. Termination is effective once the Institute receives the registered letter at the following address: Centro Studi e Servizi Vallessina, Via Brodolini 25 Ė 60031 Castelplanio (Ancona) Italy.

9. Assignment of the contract

Participants can assign their rights under the contract, including the participation to classes, to whom they like, but subject to the Instituteís consent.

10. Cancellation / Amendment of the contract

The Institute reserves the right to modify and amend the contract for technical and/or organizational reasons or to cancel the course before the arrival for material adverse changes and or force majeure or in case the minimum number of participants cannot be reached. In case of cancellation , the Institute will refund the amounts already received to each single participant but will neither recognize neither accrued interests nor penalties.

11. Responsibility

the Institute is not responsible for any damage which is related to participantís misconduct and/or damages caused by third parties and/or damages caused by force majeure.

12. Communications

The participant authorizes the Institute to send all relevant communications related the course to participantís mail address reported in the Application Form.



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