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Tours & Trips

If you travelled a long way to reach Italy, you might find useful the opportunity to visit some of the most famous Italian attractions. Here find a comprehensive list of possible trips that one of the tour operators our partner is able to organize for you as long distance destinations. Some of these destinations, due to the distance, may require to stay overnight.

Long Distance Destinations Description Type Availability  
Winter Spring Summer Autumn
Rome The eternal city. Art & Culture TOP PICK
Florence One of the most romantic city in the world. No description is needed. Art & Culture TOP PICK
Venice One of the most romantic city in the world. No description is needed. Art & Culture TOP PICK
Naples The city where colors are more coloured. Art & Culture  
Siena A little piece of art. Art & Culture  
Milan The fashion and style city, not forgetting the Duomo and Leonardo da Vinci's last supper. Art & Culture  
Pisa The city is famous for its leaning tower, but also for the church and many wonderfull squares. Art & Culture  
Verona Romeo and Juliet city, with the Arena and other famous palaces. Art & Culture TOP PICK
Trieste Beatiful city with a classical atmosphere arising from its ancient austrian domination. The castle of Miramare is something not to miss. Art & Culture  
Turin Noble and aristochratic city. Art & Culture  
Bologna The towers and the lovely squares of this peculiar city. Art & Culture TOP PICK
Ravenna Famous for its bizantine / roman buildings and mosaics. Art & Culture TOP PICK

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